Monday, January 30, 2012

Final inqury question

My inquiry process has a lot of small questions that I will hopefully use to answer a much broader question.  That question is, what is the best type of e-reader for a library user?


  1. Hi Peter - good topic! Need a concept map - a visual representation of your topic exploration. Otherwise off to a good start! Need to delete previous posts. Judy

  2. Peter,

    I am also doing my inquiry research topic on e Readers :) I really like some of your research questions and noticed that I overlooked funding. e Readers have been around for a awhile now but they are just getting introduced into school and public libraries. I feel a lot of stress in uncovering the DRM rights as nothing has been set in stone for uses in a school or public library because we function and purchase differently from an individual owner because we serve multiple users...ahh in time I suppose.Have you decided how you will look into the situation of useability and who is the best for purchasing eBooks? I am in the middle of this now as this is a question of mine for focus. Check out my blog because I will be posting some good resources to use in research if you would like :)