Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inquiry assignment so far.

Currently I am focusing on the Nookcolor, since it is readily available to me at the moment.  I have been looking at the different software updates for the device since it came out in November of 2010.  The first one introduced an app market for the users.  The second one edited some of the features of the device.  For example, when turning the page it actually looks more like turning a physical page, before it was just switching pictures of texts.  I am worried however, that there might be some negative aspects to adding new software.  My one concern is that I feel it might diminish the point of an e-reader.  With devices coming out like the Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire and others, I feel like the reading part is being put to the back burner. Adding an app market does take up a lot of space and downloading games diminishes the reason for having a E-reader. That reason is to read, not to play Angry Birds.  These devices should be an E-reader first and a tablet second.  If that wasn't the case I might as well have gotten a real tablet instead.

Later on I am going to start researching more on the regular Nook and the Tablet next.  Hopefully there will be plenty of information on the technology blogs that I know to help me out.

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  1. Peter,
    I absolutely agree with your viewpoint that these e Reader devices should first by used for reading and a tablet second. I notice that we differ in our e Reader purposes. Mine is just intended for reading at this point and I decided to go with the Nook Simple Touch. The app market has a great appeal but it is overwhelming and takes away from the reading aspect (I feel). It sounds like you are off to a great start! I just posted a list of resources and links for e Reader research. Check it out, it might help you as you compare the Nook and Tablet :)