Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inquiry assignment: Online Magazine articles and User submitted material

If you're a mild tech freak like I am and like to read up on latest technological advancements, is one of the perfect resources.  It is an online magazine with contributors that are extremely knowledgeable in their prospective fields.  They even have a whole section of their website that is dedicated to examining E-readers. for more information the url is

Magazine articles are important for examining new gadgets.  Many tech sellers will get subscriptions to these magazines in order to keep up with knowledge about the devices.  They are also important for buyers who are deciding on what gadgets they want to buy.

Another thing that I feel is important is user submitted materials.  One of the most popular websites for this is Reddit.  Doing a simple search of  "e-readers" on this website gets results of multiple blogs, articles, podcasts etc. that users have already found for you.

here is the search for E-readers on

Right now I'm almost done with all the materials I need to finish this assignment.  The final results of my findings will be in the final paper for this project.

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