Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kindle Fire Versus Nook Tablet

While doing some more research about the Nook Tablet, I came across this article.

It discusses the different features of both devices and examines to see if either can make a suitable alternative as a tablet to the IPad 2. In the end the article puts B&N up on top over the Amazon, but only slightly.  I think this article is a good starting off point in finding out the specs you are looking for in a device.

This article is also related to the post I put up about how E-readers are supposed to be E-Readers first and Tablets second.  I know if I lent out E-readers at a library I would much rather them use the devices for reading and not just watching movies and downloading songs.  Don't get me wrong, I do think libraries should have all these mediums, however, with funding the way it is right now I would rather all the available space in the E-readers to go towards texts.  There are already plenty of mp3's available in most places as well as digital video.  Getting E-books that are still under copyright are a whole different story. 


  1. Excellent Peter - I am glad you are using non-traditional (in terms of academia) sources of information - as users do in the read world. How are you evaluating these? Judy

  2. Hi Peter,

    Looks like you are really onto something :) Have you checked out Cnet as a resource? They have some really great information on evaluating eReaders.Also, I'm much of the information is repetitive but I found an article from the Huffington Post that might help as well:

  3. Hi Peter,
    The intended vs. actual use question is interesting. Purchasing readers that don't function as tablets would solve that problem while being a lot cheaper. The intended use is sure to be utilized and overlooked no matter what the device is. I'm sure librarians faced many of the same issues when first connecting library computers to the internet. However, in the long run more capability could be advantageous. Like you said, this topic has a lot of facets; some we can't yet see!